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Currently, MPWAPWA TEACHERS’ COLLEGE has a  number of rooms in its hostels/dormitories to provide accommodation to all students. Students’ hostels are located within the MPWAPWA TEACHERS’ COLLEGE compound. Students seeking accommodation in the College’s hostels are required to bring with them: pillows, mosquito nets and blankets. The  College’s mattresses and beds are hired at the rate of five thousands shillings (5,000/=) Students are required to pay a prescribed accommodation fee.

Students accommodated at the  College’s hostels must observe rules and regulations applicable to the  College’s hostels. These include, but not limited to, the strict requirement for all students to vacate their rooms and hand-over their room keys to the Warden/Matron/college tutor responsible during vacation/Field Practice Training periods as well as not to cook in hostels or employ house girls/boys for laundry duties.


Most of the students’ activities at the  College are organised by the MPWAPWA TEACHERS’ COLLEGE Students Organisation (MTCSO) under the coordination of the Office of the Dean of Students. The Organisation is concerned with the student’s academic, political, social and recreational activities. Every student becomes a member of MPWAPWA TEACHERS’ COLLEGESO (Mpwapwa Teachers’ College Student Organisation) and students are advised to make their academic life meaningful by making their Organisation contribute positively towards the  College Vision, Mission and its objectives.


NTA Level 4-6 Students are not paid meal allowances, instead, meals are provided by the  College in a dining hall located in the campus. Menu depends on the ability of the sponsor. Government sponsored students obtain their meals from within theCollege.


The  College has a Dispensary for students, staff and their families. The Dispensary provides outpatient services on cost sharing basis and may refer patients to other hospitals if necessary. The vision of the MPWAPWA TEACHERS’ COLLEGEDispensary is to expand the services, which will include provision of in-patient services and medical laboratories. Before admission to MPWAPWA TEACHERS’ COLLEGE, each student is required to furnish the College with a satisfactory medical report from a recognized medical practitioner or medical officer. Students are directed to report at the Dispensary each time before they embark for any referral treatment.


MPWAPWA TEACHERS’ COLLEGE possesses a variety of renting facilities, which are available for use at reasonable charges. Its ideal location in the Mpwapwa Town makes it possible for excellent use and access of these facilities for interested users from outside.
•MPWAPWA TEACHERS’ COLLEGE has several hall that can be used for providing both training and production services to students and outside community.Classrooms and Halls can be rented during weekends and when students are on vacation or Block Teaching Practice (Field training).

•The Two executive rooms (Mapinduzi and SITI B) with sitting capacity of about 100 people each are also available for renting. This room is furnished with excellent wooden office chairs and can be ideal for small workshops, meetings and other similar forum. The strategic central location of MPWAPWA TEACHERS’ COLLEGE makes this offer most attractive.