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The Organizational Structure

Organs of the college include Ministry of Education, Science, and Technology (MOEST), College Advisory Board, College Management and Administration, departments, units, offices, Students’ Government Office, and various committees such as Academic committee, Hygiene and environment committee, Committee of culture, Games, and Sports, Social welfare committee, House Committee, Purchase committee, Defense and security committee, and discipline.


MOEST supervises all educational activities and rights of all workers in the teachers’ colleges.

College Management and Administration

The college Administration mainly supervises the effective implementation of educational teachers’ curriculum; plans, coordinates, develops, and controls physical and human resources of the college; improves teaching/learning process; urges, facilitates, and measures outputs of tutors who are the main implementers of the educational curriculum; as well as motivates and assists its staff members so that they can implement their responsibilities effectively.

The College Principal

The college principal is the representative of the MOEST in the college and the main supervisor of all management and administrative activities in the college, primary, and secondary practicing schools. The college principal is the appointee of the MOEST Permanent Secretary.

The college principal is assisted by leaders of different levels such quality assurance and control officer, vice principal (administration), vice principal (academics), college registrar, dean of students, academic dean, examinations officer, admissions officer, head of subjects departments, college matron, production/project coordinator, social welfare coordinator, culture coordinator, estate manager, counselor, heads of sections, teaching staff, office supervisor/accountant, supply officer, dormitory guardians, class/group guardians, non-teaching staff members, various workers and students’ committees, student government, and students.


The objective of QA&QC Unit is to provide expertise to the College on how to provide quality services to the public in terms of programmes, researches and consultancies. The Unit will be led by Head and will perform the following functions: –

(a)   Continuously monitor provisioning of education at the College

(b)   Audit the performance of teaching against established criteria.

(c)   Assure competent academic and administrative workforce.

(d)  Evaluate effectiveness, accessibility, and quality of the programmes offered at Mpwapwa Teachers’ College.

(e)   Research for new insights and innovative solutions to the teaching problems


Responsibilities of the College Academic Dean are:

  • In collaboration with the Registrar, and Vice Principal, has to prepare the college’s prospectus
  • To prepare the college’s Academic calendar
  • To prepare examination timetable
  • To collaborate with Vice Principal to appoint internal examiners, invigilators and supervisors, and recommend external examiners to NACTE
  • To prepare and organise examinations at the college
  • To compile examination results of the college
  • To answer any other examination related matter as directed by the Principal
  • With collaboration with head of Department to insure all course tutors prepare lessons and teach their respective courses in accordance to the curricula and abide to the assessment plan in use.



  • The Office will be led by Dean of Students and will perform the following functions:
  • (a)   Oversees student guidance and counseling services at the College in collaboration with relevant departments;
  • (b)   Supervises the administration of students’ welfare services;
  • (c)   Organizes, in collaboration with other College organs, the orientation programmes for fresh students;
  • (d)   Develops appropriate strategies for anticipating, controlling and managing students conflicts;
  • (e)   Foresees and anticipates students needs and potential problems and liaises with college management in order to avert destructive conflicts;
  • (f)   Ensures that the College students by-laws and regulations are observed and necessary actions are taken to those violating them;
  • (g)  Monitors and ensures that catering services being provided by the contracted party are of acceptable standards;
  • (h)  Supervises janitorial services outsourced to private service providers;
  • (i)   Coordinates the management and affairs of the students’ organization;
  • Advices the Deputy Principal on all matters related to students’ affairs


The Office will be led by the Registrar with assistance of one assistant registrar and Admission officer and will perform the following functions:

  •   Overseeing students’ admission processes;
  •  Liaising with Departments on matters of admission and registration of students;
  •   Overseeing updating and production of academic Almanac and annual Prospectus;
  •  Providing assistance to the Office responsible for Academic for general administration on all students’ records
  •  Processing administrative matters relating to the functions of admissions of students and all relevant documents for admission and registration of students.
  • Keeping record of all students’ matters Like their profile, certificates, identity, enrollment, postponement, attendances, e.tc;
  •  Ensuring handling of academic awards;
  •  Overseeing processing of applications, selection and admission of students;
  •  Advices the Deputy Principal, Planning, Administration and Finance on all matters related to function of the office of Registrar.